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Standards for home building  

Standards for home building

Touchstone Energy Home

Touchstone Energy Home

If you are thinking of building a home or remodeling your current home, you'll want to include the most up-to-date energy-saving products and techniques.


A Touchstone Energy Home is designed to be energy efficient and economical, as well as healthy and comfortable. These guidelines for building a Touchstone Energy Home have been developed to assist you in the building design and the decision making process in planning your new home.


Your initial investments in today’s energy efficient technologies will ultimately provide payback in the long term.  Remember—you are not only building a home for today, you are building a home for the future.


Our guidelines promote energy efficiency—from the ground to the roof of your new home. Complete them all and you will have a Touchstone Energy Home—plus years of comfort, economy and energy savings!


Download Prescriptive Standards and Checklist


Specific details of a Touchstone Energy Home:


Site, Foundation and Basement

Site Selection



Band Joist and Floors

Waterproofing the Foundation Wall

Backfilling around the Basement

Ground Cover

Basement Wall Insulation

Crawl Space Wall Insulation

Concrete Slab Foundation Insulation

Basement Floor Insulation

Externally Insulated Basement or Crawl Space

Internally Insulated Basement or Crawl Space

Shallow Frost-free Slab Foundation


Building Envelope

Band Joist Insulation

Exterior Corner and Wall Framing

Wall Framing

Roof Framing

Exterior Wall Insulation

Knee Wall Insulation

Attic Insulation

Roof or Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

Attic Ventilation

Air Infiltration Control

Interior Vapor Retarder: Walls

Interior Vapor Retarder: Ceilings

Exterior Wall Receptacles

House Wrap

Rain Screen


Windows and Doors

Window Glass

Skylight Glass


Window and Door Headers

Window Flashing


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Heating and Electrical

Heating and Cooling


Water Pipe Insulation

Exhaust Systems

Water Heating

Hot Water Pipe Insulation





Complete Prescriptive Standards and Checklist


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