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Floor Cable Heat ("Deep Heat")

Floor Cable Heat ("Deep Heat")

  • DeepHeat uses a buildings foundation and the ground below it to store heat
  • Electricity is converted to heat using a specially designed electrical resistance cable buried in a sand bed beneath the floor slab
  • The heat, contained in a storage reservoir formed by insulating the foundation perimeter to a depth of 4 feet, radiates through the slab into the interior of the building
  • Radiant heat provides a uniform level of comfort that is clean, maintains natural humidification and eliminates heat stratification
  • DeepHeat is suitable for most new structures and does best when heating single-story buildings with high ceilings and large open areas
  • DeepHeat can be used as a primary heating source but some installations include a small amount of secondary heat to compensate for sudden, unexpected increases in heat loss such as when large overhead doors are open
  • Prices subject to change without notice.

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