A Touchstone Energy Home is designed to be energy-efficient, economical,  healthy and comfortable. Our Touchstone Energy Home guidelines have been developed to assist you in the building design and the decision making process in planning your new home.
Your initial investments in today’s energy efficient technologies will ultimately provide payback in the long term.  Remember—you are not only building a home for today, you are building a home for the future.
Our guidelines promote energy efficiency—from the ground to the roof of your new home. Complete them all and you will have a Touchstone Energy Home—plus years of comfort, economy and energy savings!


Comfort Cove Radiant Heaters

Concentrate heat on frequently used areas.

Energy Efficiency Lights and Products

Energy-efficient products to save energy and money.

Floor Cable Heat ("Deep Heat")

Uses a concrete floor as a radiant heat source.

Marathon High Efficiency Water Heaters

Save energy dollars and maintenance headaches with an energy-efficient Marathon water heater with a lifetime warranty.

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Energy Efficiency Resources

Find out more by checking out these links.

Standards for home building

These guidelines will help you save energy dollars.

Ask Bill: Answers to Your Building Questions

Our building and energy expert answers frequently asked questions.

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View our Touchstone Energy Home Video

Here's a video showing key features in a Touchstone Energy Home.

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